교육 과정 Curriculum

학사 Bachelor Photography


1학년 1st Year

사진학개론 <Introduction to Photography>
기초사진실기(1) <Basic Photography(1)>
디지털이미지론 <Survey of Digital Image>
기초사진실기(2) <Basic Photography(2)>
암실실기 <Practical Techniques for Darkroom>
행위와수용 <Action and Acceptance>
문화콘텐츠활용방법론 <Study on Utilization Methodologies of Cultural Contents>
영상문화의 실제 <Practical Theory of Media Culture>
공연영상창작론 <Study of Performing Art, Film and Creative Writing>

2학년 2nd Year

세계사진사 <History of Photography>
중급사진실기 <Intermediate Photography>
이미지편집실기(1) <Image Editing(1)>
한국사진사 <History of Korean Photography>
조명실기 <Practical Skill of Lighting>
이미지편집실기(2) <Image Editing(2)>

3학년 3rd Year

조형사진론 <Theory of Photography as Plastic Arts>
광고사진프로젝트(1) <Project of Commercial Photography(1)>
예술사진프로젝트(1) <Project of Fine Art photography>
디지털미디어프로젝트(1) <Digital Media Project(1)>
매체사진 워크샵(1) <Workshop for Photography in Media (1)>
작가론 <Study of Photographer Artists>
광고사진프로젝트(2) <Project of Commercial Photography(2)>
예술사진프로젝트(2) <Project of Fine Art Photography(2)>
디지털미디어프로젝트(2) <Digital Media Project(2)>
매체사진워크샵(2) <Workshop for Photography in Media (2)>
사진교과교재연구및지도법 <Study On Photography Curriculum>
사진교과교육론 <Education Theory of Photography>
사진교과논리및논술 <Study on Photography Curriculum>

4학년 4th Year

사진미학 <Aesthetics Of Photography>
예술사진세미나(1) <Seminar in Fine art Photography(1)>
디지털미디어세미나(1) <Digital Media Seminar(1)>
광고사진세미나(1) <Seminar of Commercial Photography(1)>
예술사진세미나(2) <Seminar in Fine Art Photography(2)>
디지털미디어세미나(2) <Digital Media Seminar(2)>
광고사진세미나(2) <Seminar of Commercial Photography(2)>

석사 Master Photography

순수사진 1 <Fine Art Photography I>
순수사진 2 <Fine Art Photography II>
광고사진 1 <Advertising Photography I>
광고사진 2 <Advertising Photography II>
디지털미디어 1 <Digital Media I>
디지털미디어 2 <Digital Media II>
전공연구I <Studies in Major I>

공간과사진설치 <Space and Photography Installation>
예술사진프로젝트 <Fine Art Photography Project>
현대사진론 <Theory of Contemporary Photography>
예술사진비평 <Criticism in Art Photography>
사진공공미술제작 <Photography in Public Art>
예술사진공동작업 <Collaboration in Fine Art Photography>
현대예술사진 <Contemporary Fine Art Photography>

웹미디어콘텐츠 <Web Media Contents>
영상제작론 <Theory of Moving Image>
뉴미디어제작론 <Methodology of New Media>
비디오아트 <Video Art>
디지털사진과 컬러매니지먼트 <Digital Photography and Color Management>
건축사진 <Architectural Photography>
광고디자인특강 <Topics in Advertising Design>
패션사진 <Fashion Photography>
광고론 <Theory of Advertising>